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CSharp Programming Tutorials

category Tutorial » Tutorial Programming CSharp

Although CSharp is derived from the C programming language, it has features such as garbage collection that allow beginners to become proficient in CSharp more quickly than in C or C++ . Similar to Java, it is object-oriented, comes with an extensive class library, and supports exception handling, multiple types.... more.

A Beginner Guide to Learning about XML using Popfly

category Tutorial » Tutorial Programming XML

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a notation system designed to describe data. Because XML focuses on the meaning of data, many Web 2.0 companies that provide software services over the Internet use XML to represent the data that they make available.  XML has become a standard language for describing and.... more.

VB6 to VB Net Beginners Tutorial

category Tutorial » Tutorial Programming Visual Basic

This tutorial is intended to show some of the differences VB.Net has introduced over VB6. This tutorial is aimed at the VB.Net beginner. It will show some of the major differences VB.Net has introduced over VB6. This tutorial does not cover changes in the IDE, only basic code changes. Table of.... more.

Installing Ubuntu for Beginners

category Tutorial » Tutorial Linux Ubuntu

 Also, this one installation (which will take about 30 minutes), includes the operating sysytem, all drivers and all basic software. A typical windows installation will take about 45 mins, then about 15 minutes to load all the drivers, and then a further hour at least to load software (MS office,.... more.

Introduction to Linux Command Line for Beginners

category Tutorial » Tutorial Linux Ubuntu

What you are installing on your computer is called a Linux distribution, or a Linux-based operating system. A Linux distribution takes all the parts mentioned above and assembles them, eventually polishing and customizing them. There are hundreds of good Linux distributions out there, and I couldn't contain all of them.... more.

Getting Started With Android Development For Embedded Systems

category Tutorial » Android Application Development

Another way to appreciate the significance of Android is to take a historical perspective. In the early days of PCs, the operating system was DOS. This presented some interesting challenges to application developers, as DOS provided a minimal number of services. The result was that every application needed a complete framework.... more.

Develop Android applications with Eclipse

category Tutorial » Android Application Development

Android is Google'soft-discussed mobile, wireless, computer, and communications platform. You can take advantage of the powerful Eclipse environment to build Android applications using the Android Eclipse plug-in. This tutorial introduces Android application development with the Eclipse plug-in, otherwise known as Android Development Tools. The tutorial provides an introduction to Android.... more.

Android Application Development and Implementation

category Tutorial » Android Application Development

The goal of our project was to create a three-dimensional four by four by four tic-tac-toe application with an attractive and accessible user interface and an intelligent opponent. At the time of this project's inception, we had already begun development of such a program in C++, so our plan was.... more.

The Android Developer Cookbook Building Applications with the Android SDK

category Tutorial » Android Application Development

The Android OS is simple to learn, and Google provides many libraries to make it easy to implement rich and complex applications. The only aspect lacking, as mentioned by many in the Android developer community, is clear and well-explained documentation. The fact that Android is open source means anyone can dive in.... more.

Getting Started with Android Programming

category Tutorial » Android Application Development

Android is a mobile operating system that is based on a modifi ed version of Linux. It was originally developed by a startup of the same name, Android, Inc. In 2005, as part of its strategy to enter the mobile space, Google purchased Android and took over its development work (as.... more.

Adobe Portable Document Format

Invented by Adobe Systems and perfected over 15 years, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) lets you capture and view robust information from any application, on any computer system and share it with anyone around the world. Individuals, businesses, and government agencies everywhere trust and rely on Adobe® PDF to communicate their ideas and vision. The advantages of PDF Files are Open Format, Multiplatform, Extensible, Trusted and reliable, Maintain information integrity, Keep information secure, Searchable, Accessible ... find more adobe pdf information

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